dragon freestyle martial arts

the family that trains together stays together

Sensei David Burton  started his martial arts training in 1992 with GKR karate in those days training while working in the  security industry as a crowd controller and guard duties for Westfield shopping centres in 1997 Sensei David wanted more out of martial arts and found one style was limited and joined Rhee taekwondo to obtain move knowledge in dynamic kicking techniques and after  achieving his first degree black belt in TKD  in May 2001 he  began teaching classes for Rhee Taekwondo under his mentor instructor 7th Degree Black belt Robert Frost at that time and when master Frost decide to found  Toogee  TKD  , Sensei David left Rhee TKD and kept his training under  his mentor master Robert Frost and teaching & taking classes for master Robert Frost  while working in armed security services in the city  and k9 operative on cockatoo island as a security supervisor
In 2014 Sensei David started training under  8th dan Black belt Hanshi Davis Massey learning loong chi do kempo Goshu karate ( the way of the powerful dragon ) which derives from jujitsu chinese boxing shotokan karate and wing chung
In that time  Sensei David had done numerous tournament judging and competing,
Sensei David all so attended  seminars from weapons with kyoshi clint chaffey from Chaffeys Black belt academy  and   CFTA  martial arts master Michael landos with kata sword  and grand master terry limb from loong fu pai  in close combat and  kyusu hanshi Jim corn  with a pressure point seminar and meet kyoshi Dave Kovar from America for some formal training and  10th Degree  red sash grand master Zac Walters from shoulin boxing for self defence seminars in September 2016 under 8th dan Hanshi Davis Masseys guidance Shihan David formed Dragon Freestyle Martial Arts utilizing his knowledge from all the martial arts  systems that he had been trained in sensei David was graded in January 2017 to  a 5th dan Black belt by  8th dan black belt hanshi Davis Massey ,& 10th dan Black belt grand master Ron Jennings  for his accomplishments in martial arts training and founding his own style of martial arts
Sensei David continues his training  under 8th dan Black belt Hanshi Davis massey to further increase his knowledge to pass on to his students